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Bio and Music

When your musical CV includes stints with Keith Urban, Lee and Tania Kernaghan, you know you’re hitting all the right notes, and such is the case with Allan Cameron.
Although raised in the Australian Country Music Capital, Allan grew up in the age of guitar-based rock.
The now Brisbane-based singer-songwriter and musician originally hails from Tamworth, with his original music hitting all the notes of modern guitar music: a mix of country, rock and blues influences.
Allan cut his musical teeth in original and cover bands in Tamworth, Sydney and then Brisbane, asked to join Rusty and the Ayers Rockettes, Queensland’s most popular showband, later including Keith Urban, Allan and that band then went on to be Keith’s band for his first album and toured for that release. Later, Allan released his debut album, Man Made New, and toured as the opener for Lee and Tania Kernaghan, and their guitarist.
Allan’s new releases in 2022, starting with the rocking, party song, Big Noise Bright Lights, aim to remind us of going out to live concerts, having a good time and making great memories.
“I feel I’ve finally found my sound, all my influences from The Allman Brothers, The Band to Deep Purple and then modern acts like the Brothers Osbourne have coalesced into the music I always wanted to create,” he said.
Allan is also the lead guitarist and backing vocalist in acclaimed band, SaltbushSix, with their album and live shows for the album “Beyond the Ranch” garnering much praise.
SaltbushSix comprises members from Keith Urban’s band and The Ranch, Keith’s first and well-respected recording band in the US.
Allan releases his 2022 debut single, Big Noise Bright Lights, on March 11 with more to come from this rocking country artist.
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